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 Hi, I am Amanda.

I am a mom to a very inspiring son who has been my driving force in everything that I do. Some of you have seen him following me around my sessions. I am now proud to say that he is officially a United States Marine. His ambition drives my ambition on a daily basis.

I am a wife to a very supportive husband of 5 years and counting. He has built props and picked me up when I was doubting all that I do. 

I love small town living, creeks and rivers, mountains in the fall, NASCAR and my two little fur babies, Beasley and Rowdy.

is a memory

Small Beginnings

I honestly started outlining my dream of being a professional photographer when I was 12 years old. My mother owned a daycare and a few of the older kids that I normally played dolls with, were my first clients. With a small Kodak 35mm, a few blankets draped over my bunk bed and Lisa Frank make up kids, I started perfecting my art. Of course, after many years, two degrees, countless hours and sessions, I feel I am exactly where I envisioned I would be when I was 12. (And I have been lucky enough to photograph the weddings and families of three of those daycare kids!) I now hold a Standard Degree in Photography, Associate's Degree in Computer Graphic Design. I am licensed, fully insured and PPA Certified. 

a. osborne